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Operator Licence Applications and Variations

SETS can undertake the application process on behalf of the operator, ensuring everything is in order before sending your application to DVSA.

We collate the application forms and all ancillary documents, proof read them, copy them and then send them to OTC / DVSA by recorded post.          We also undertake licence variations, increases in authorisations, changes of operating centres and much more, we can also assist you in the appointment of a transport manager should you wish to upgrade your licence from Restricted to a Standard licence.

WTD Training & Administration

We offer training on WTD systems and procedures and recordings and administration.
We can install new systems where none currently exist or we can update your existing system to ensure it is compliant. WTD planning on both weekly averages and reference period maximums. We can also assist you with hours planning across whatever reference period you have in place.

Drivers' hours and Tachograph Training

We provide training on every aspect of digital tachographs, drivers' hour's compliance, break requirements, daily and weekly rest periods and compensations, we can even teach you how to read and understand a digital tachograph printout. 

Operator and Control Staff Training

It's important to train your drivers to ensure legal compliance, but it's essential that the operator and the control staff are also trained. So, SETS offer training for your drivers and your control and office staff, by ensuring that they understand all the Regulations, they can keep the operator's licence safe and the operation compliant.

Digital Tachograph Training by City & Guilds Qualified Instructor 

As a "City & Guilds" qualified "Train the trainer", I can train your drivers and your control staff in the use of digital tachographs and also in record retention, downloading and analysing and archiving requirements. 
We also offer digital tachograph analysis & data management services.

Operator's Audits

We advise operators to carry out a legal compliance audit about every six months. The audit gives you a written report on your compliance status and includes a priority report of which aspects of the operation require attention, we can also assist you with any training issues you may have. 

Transport Management / CPC Cover

SETS can offer CPC cover and Transport management services for National and International freight operations in the Southeast. Please contact us for details.

Digital Tachograph Analysis

Our analysis system can analyse digital data copied from the driver card or downloaded from the vehicle unit. From this we can supply a fully compliant driver's hour and working time weekly report sheet as well as other types of driver and vehicle reports.

We can also provide general administration services which include tachograph analysis, working time reporting and individual driver compliance reporting and training.  

Restricted O licence operator support

We offer a range of support service to Restricted O licence holders, please contact us for more details. You may not need a Transport Manager but all the rules and Regulations that apply to a Standard O licence with a Transport Manager, also apply to you! Are you confident that you would pass a DVSA O licence inspection?

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