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Do you hold a Restricted Operators Licence? 

  • Are you up to date with the regulations regarding driver’s hours and working time Regulations?
  • Do your drivers carry the correct amount of records with them?
  • Are you aware of the requirements of your Operators licence?
  • Are your administration systems and procedures up to date?
  • Do you have access to a competent resource?
  • Would you pass a VOSA inspection?
S.E.T.S can provide a range of services to assist you with your administration and systems and procedures or we can undertake these essential services for you.

Support services to Restricted operators

These are operators that only move their own goods and do not offer their transport as a paid for service, the difference is that Restricted operators do not require a Transport Manager / CPC holder, however they are still subject to the same sets of regulations as "Standard" operator licence holders are, and usually do not have a competent transport manager or consultant to advise them.

Restricted operators can confirm their level of compliance by arranging for a legal compliance audit carried out on their systems and procedures and acting on the results of the audit. The results of the audit may recommend certain actions such as driver and control staff training, tachograph (analogue and digital) training and tachograph analysis to highlight the causes of driver’s hours or Working Time offences.
SETS also offer a consultancy service on an as required basis, this service can include your tachograph analysis and reporting requirements, the retainer service gives your drivers and office staff the ability to call us to have their questions answered as and when required.
Our transport management packages can include the cost of your analogue and or digital tachograph analysis and reporting requirements, so you have only one invoice to pay each month, regardless of the number of vehicles and drivers you have.

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