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HGV and PSV Operators Licence Applications

We are able undertake the operators licence application or major variation on behalf of the operator / applicant, thus ensuring everything is in order before the application and all its supporting documentation is sent to VOSA by registered post. 

We will ensure you are aware of exactly what documents and information are required for your application and inform you of all the costs involved before this process begins, when we have received the application we then collate the application forms and all ancillary documents, proof read them, copy them (one set for the applicant) and and then send them to VOSA. 

Where the application involves the appointment of a Transport Manager / CPC holder, the Transport Manager to be appointed will visit you and complete the application forms and the Transport Managers contracts with you. 

We are also able to undertake licence variations, increases in authorisations, changes of operating centres and much more.

We can also support you after your licence has been granted with telephone contact, audits, analysis, training and product supplies. This is the GV79 application form, there are other forms that can also be required depending on the type of application you are making.

Please contact us for the correct forms for your application, we usually email these forms to you for speed.

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