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January 1st, 2022

DVSA's Earned Recognition system. What is it and how does it affect your business?

DVSA Earned Recognition and Remote Enforcement. The concept is based on the idea that the best operators should not be subject to the same level of intervention as those who do not comply and thus the DVSA have developed an approach which will enable them to targets their resources more effectively.

Users of the SETSECR system are likely to fall into the group of companies who wish to avoid roadside enforcement stops, and now - in addition to keeping the OCRS scores in the green band - they can do more to demonstrate to the DVSA that they are compliant or exemplar.

Aside from Earned Recognition, the first tier of enforcement, there will be a shift, for most compliant Operators, away from roadside checks. For the second tier, there will be a central team in Bristol, referred to as the Remote Enforcement Office or REO, who will make requests for an Operator's documents, and then complete an audit of these documents remotely.

DVSA suggest that there will be a supportive 'nudge system' to guide Operators toward better working practices rather than swooping in on infrequent minor misdemeanors' on every occasion".

SETS ECR system is not ER approved, but it does enable you to give DVSA access to the system & where ECR is used to its full extent, it can be as effective as ER in proving your levels compliance without the need to copy many pages of documents & post them off to DVSA.

SETS can issue access to your ECR system to anyone you request, this could be DVSA or it could be an auditor for FORS!

AS long as you use the system as its meant to be used, allowing full access remotely to all your records takes a few seconds.
DVSA can then check - Defect reports & rectifications. Maintenance records & planned dates. Out of service records. Driver Licence checks & expiry dates etc., all of these & much more can be uploaded & saved into ECR & if necessary, produced at the roadside, which takes minutes to access & saves you time & money.

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